Saturday, June 29th:

KLGO and KJCE (click to listen) played “Best Of” shows. For more information, please email
KLBJ (click to listen) with Victor Carsrud, DC, DABCI interviewed Kristen Riddle with RxSkin Therapy


Saturday, June 22nd:

KLGO (click to listen) with Bill Swail, RPh and Blake Gordon, ND*
KJCE (click to listen) with Bill Swail, RPh and Amy Neuzil, ND*
KLBJ (click to listen) with Ray Solano, RPh & Dawn Welch, Nutritionst, presenting new research on CoQ10 and heart disease


Guests included:

  • Michael Wood, author of newly unlocked Bible code, Pauline Paradoxes Decoded; respected biblical researcher and world-famous cryptographer
  • Lorri Anderson, CCH on our local sunflowers — as homeopathic remedy, Helianthus Annuus. Uses for the skin, small injuries, colds and more.
  • Daryl Turner, PhD, inventor of the Thyroflex machine
  • Judith McGeary, Executive Director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. FARFA is a national organization that supports independent family farmers and protects a healthy and productive food supply for American consumers. FARFA promotes common sense policies for local, diversified agricultural systems.
  • Chef Curt Sassak on upcoming events with Julia Strickler, ND*: “Cook to Live Series I: Sauces”on Monday, June 24th, and “Grains & Starches” on July 1st – both 7pm at S. Lamar Peoples.
  • James Ochoa, LPC – with the Life Empowerment Center, offering a free seminar at S. Lamar Peoples on Thurs., June 27th, 2013: The Power of Mindfulness Meditation to Manage Your ADHD Symptoms.”
  • Bob Rountree, MD – Thorne Research
  • Gerald Cole with OrganicareFarms in Taylor area – Aquaponics and GMO’s from a local farmer’s perspective.
Saturday, June 15th: 

KLGO (click to listen) with Bill Swail, RPh & Victor Carsrud, DC, DABCI
KJCE (click to listen)  with Bill Swail, RPh & Victor Carsrud, DC, DABCI
KLBJ (click to listen) with Dawn Welch, Homeopath/Naturopath and Joseph Drummond, RPh

Guests Included:


Saturday, June 8th:

KLGO (click to listen) with Bill Swail, RPh and Dr. Daniel Freeland, DO

KJCE (click to listen) with Bill Swail, RPh and Dr. Daniel Freeland, DO

KLBJ (click to listen) with Ray Solano, RPh, CCN & Andrew Wakefield, MD

Guests included:

  • Dr. Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP, author of Preventing Autism
  • Sue Hitzman, creator of The MELT Method – On Wednesday, June 19th, Sue will be in town as part of her national book tour, where she will teach an Intro MELT Workshop and host a book signing.
  • Lorri Anderson, Classical Homeopath
  • William Rogers, D.O. (located in San Marcos) on the stressors of medical school on students today and how it is driving people away from wanting to become docs. May mention Xymogen’s Adrenal Essence and B Activ
  • Julia Strickler, ND* re: upcoming events, “Cook to Live” Series at S. Lamar (with chef, Curt Sassak)


Saturday, June 1st: 

KLGO (click to listen) with Bill Swail, RPh and Dr. Daniel Freeland, DO

KJCE (click to listen) with Bill Swail, RPh & Amy Tyler, ND*

KLBJ (click to listen) with Bill Swail, RPh and Dr. Victor Carsrud, DC, DABCI

Guests included:

  • Marla Camp with Edible Austin & Farmers’ Markets
  • Lane Sebring, MD 
  • Lorri Anderson, Certified Classical Homeopath – on hoarseness — Phosphorous and Causticum.
  • Adam Grossman, owner of Seaweed Bath Co. Line drive: it’s on special 20% this month at Peoples!
  • Stacey Pomerantz with Fairy Lice Mothers
  • Leslie White, ND* on therapeutic fasting and her upcoming retreat.
  • Dr. Blake Gordon to talk about her upcoming seminar on Tues. June 4th, 7pm at S. Lamar – “Flower Essences: Keys to Emotional Well-Being”
  • Dr. Griffin Cole, DDS
  • Dr. Nathan Bryan with BeetElite

*Naturopathic doctors are currently not licensed in the state of Texas.