pearlpowderInterested in a quality product that promotes overall mental calm as well as improved, radiant skin?

My name is Meg Dwyer and I am a Wellness Consultant at Peoples in Westlake. Recently I experimented with a bottle of Dragon Herbs’ Pearl Powder by Ron Teeguarden and loved it! I felt a greater sense of calm than I’ve experienced in months and, as a welcomed side effect, have softer skin. I have definitely noticed that I have received more compliments on my skin lately.

According to formulator Ron Teeguarden, Pearl Powder has a tremendous reputation as both a beauty tonic and a Shen tonic. Shen is known as one of the Three Treasures in Chinese Medicine and is thought of as ‘spirit’ or ‘mind’. Shen tonics promote compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. Pearl Powder is credited with the ability to “relieve uneasiness of the heart and mind.” It is also said to reduce blemishes and wrinkles, while also calming the mind. How wonderful is that?

The powder inside the capsules is made from real pearls. They are grown in fresh water and enzymatically broken down so that they can be easily absorbed. It takes 120 hours to process these pearls in order for them to become super-bioavailable. Pearl naturally has an ionic form of calcium, as well as magnesium, zinc, iron, strontium, copper, selenium, silicon and dozens of amino acids. Mucopolysaccharides in pearl are shown to prevent wrinkles and even increase libido.

Renowned herbalist and acupuncturist Michael Tierra notes that pearl is anti-inflammatory, sedative and demulcent. It can be also used topically to treat blemishes caused by heat or on sores that are challenging to heal. Pearl is a blood detoxifier and clears toxins.

With just three capsules a day of Ron Teeguarden’s product Pearl Powder, you could experience a healthier glow and calmer mind – what a lovely way to start the summer!

The Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Tonic Herbs by Ron Teeguarden
Planetary Herbology by Michael Tierra

– Meg Dwyer, Wellness Consultant