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Why might I need a compounded prescription?

By starting from scratch with the highest quality ingredients, we can customize your prescription to fit your personal needs. We’ll work with your medical provider to make your medicine in the specific strength, combination, and dosage form that’s best for you. You might need a prescription to be compounded free from dyes, allergens, or fillers. Or, you may require a different strength or combination of medicines than is commercially available. And if swallowing a capsule is a problem, we can even compound your medication into a tasty suspension or transdermal cream. When traditional medicine’s one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, count on Peoples Rx to create a customized compounded prescription just for you. 

Why Choose Peoples Rx?

Peoples Rx has been compounding quality prescriptions for Austinites for over 40 years. All Peoples Rx compounded prescriptions are prepared at the Peoples Compounding Center, our state-of-the-art compounding lab, where we utilize specialized equipment and rigorous quality assurance practices to ensure accuracy and precision in everything we do.

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Compounded Prescriptions for Pets

Not all of our furry and feathered friends do well with pills. That’s why people all around Texas work with Peoples Rx to make customized compound medications for their pets.

Medicating your pet doesn’t have to be difficult! We can compound medication into a tasty treat that Milo (the dog) will gobble up with his meal and Luna (the cat) can lap right up in a yummy, fish-flavored  liquid. We can even turn your compound prescription into a transdermal cream to rub on their ears while you are giving them tickles. Whatever your pet needs, we can make it!

People & Pets ❤️ Peoples

“I moved all of my prescriptions to People’s and the conversations I’ve had with their pharmacists have been educational and positive. They do compounding too, which is a step up in terms of the need for absolute rigor, precision, quality control, and oversight.”
Jeff E.
Austin, TX
“No pharmacy I’ve gone to was able to get me the medication I needed but people’s compounded it for me until it became available again. Thanks Peoples!!!”
Emily M.
Austin, TX
“The special details like adding in fish flavor for cat medications and the detailed explanations from the pharmacists about the medicine made me feel like Peoples Rx really cared, which was refreshing and welcome in a time of medical crisis.”
Stu R.
Austin, TX

Educational Resources

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We try to stay in the leading edge of holistic health and wellness, which is why we do these free webinars.

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