pharmfreshIf you’ve lived in Austin for more than 20 minutes, chances are you’ve passed by a shop that sells fresh vegetable and fruit juice. It’s a trend that has picked up more and more steam each year with no end in sight. And why not? The health benefits of freshly-squeezed juice are well documented and seemingly endless. Austin is a mecca for good health and the abundance of juice shops is great! However, there are two problems with many of these shops: they don’t always use organic produce and they usually use a typical centrifugal juicer.

So, what’s the alternative? Cold-pressed organic juice is the answer. Avoiding harmful pesticides in your ingredients might be a no-brainer, but the real magic lies with the juicer. Masticating or “cold-press” juicers (like the unmatched Norwalk juicer that Peoples uses) slowly pulverize and extract juice from produce, maximizing nutrient output and keeping vital enzymes intact. This results in a richer, healthier and more stable product. Juicing this way also yields significantly more fiber and even some protein out of your favorite veggies and fruit.

We at Peoples have made it our mission to provide fresh, cold-pressed organic juice everyday for both pre-order and walk-up service. With a variety of delicious and therapeutic blends in our PharmFresh juice line to choose from, you’re sure to find a favorite. It might be our new Spicy Carrot Sunrise (with carrots, oranges, apples, jalepeño and ginger) or our new Green Margarita Detox (with spinach, cucumber, green apple, cilantro and lime). Our Back Porch juice is back with some watermelon goodness too, so take advantage of these while they’re in season!

It’s also never too late in the season to start our Naturopathic Doctor-designed 3-day juice cleanse. In addition to consisting of nutritious and tasty foods (no fasting!), it’s only a 3-day commitment so that you can get back to taking Austin by storm. Let’s get healthy! To learn more about Peoples’ 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse, click here.

by Marshall Hamilton, Deli/Grocery Manager