Welcome the two newest members of our Wellness staff at Westlake: Casey Patton and Tava Buckner! Casey joined the Peoples team several years ago. After graduating from The University of Oklahoma and moving to Austin from Dallas, Casey became interested in working with medicine. He started at Peoples Westlake as a pharmacy and compounding lab technician. Eventually he grew a greater interest in preventative medicine and health through diet, lifestyle and supplementation. Casey decided to try his hand at wellness and neither he nor we could be happier with the switch! He is learning the ropes quickly and absorbing the new education that he pursues. Also, Casey’s love of board games has brought us together as a wellness team to enjoy each other’s company and continue to strengthen our relationships in and outside of work.

Tava graduated from the University of Kentucky and through her personal passion for health and wellness, she acquired her health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She worked at Complete Nutrition in San Antonio, coaching and educating customers on sports nutrition, exercise and weight loss to achieve their personal healthy lifestyle goals. Tava’s recent move to Austin has provided her with more opportunities to enjoy some of her favorite activities such as rollerblading, nature walks and trying new foods. Tava’s lively sense of humor keeps us smiling throughout our work days, making them sunnier than they already are. Both Tava and Casey would enjoy a friendly welcome the next time you see them around town, and we hope you can stop by the store to say “hi” personally! See you soon!