Neo40withlozenges-smallDid you know that after 40, our bodies’ natural production of nitric oxide (N-O) begins to decrease? This can cause poor circulation, imbalanced triglyceride levels, sexual dysfunction and an overall decrease in energy. Foundationally, nitric oxide (N-O) regulates the intracellular availability of oxygen and is critical for normal mitochondrial function. However, numerous aspects of modern living, including age, threaten optimal N-O levels and its protective effects in the body. Many age-related cardiovascular, metabolic and cognitive diseases have clearly been linked to the progressive loss of this single molecule.

Thankfully, the Austin-based researchers at Neogenis Labs have spent years developing a breakthrough product called Neo40®, which contains two very useful plant extracts, hawthorn berry and beet root along with methylcobalamin/cyanocobalamin and vitamin C. Neo40® comes in a delicious lozenge that is taken one in the morning and one in the evening. It has been clinically shown to be safe and effective for restoring N-O production along with a significant improvement in endothelial (inner lining of blood vessels) function. Neo40® provides the immediate source of N-O to safeguard the cardiovascular system and begin the process of restoration. It is the only supplement in the world to deliver physiological levels of vital N-O directly to the vasculature where it begins to work immediately to restore function while directing endothelial regeneration.

The great thing about Neo40® is that you don’t have to be 40+ to take the supplement. It’s safe for 18+ and is wildly popular among athletes, runners and those just looking for a little boost! Neogenis Labs produces many other N-O boosting products for active lifestyles, including BeetElite and more. Neo40® is also the only N-O technology that is scientifically validated, clinically tested and patent protected. Neo40® Daily is backed by science and demonstrated in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to create N-O bioactivity and restore N-O production in the human body.

Speak to a Wellness Specialist at any Peoples location today to see how Neo40® can fit into your daily wellness regimen!

*Available only to medical professionals.


by Geary Grissom, Wellness Specialist