So many people are taking the opportunity to travel this summer, more than pre-pandemic numbers by some accounts. Here is an easy-to-follow guide on how to build a comprehensive travel pack to keep you and your family happy and healthy on the road, out enjoying nature, across time zones, or whatever this travel season looks like for you!

  1. Staying safe in the sun, you will need high-quality SPF protection without the gross chemicals. Try Badger SPF 30 Active sunscreen. This sunscreen is great for the whole family because it has organic ingredients and is water resistant. Zinc oxide sunscreens can often leave a white cast but this sunscreen uses clear zinc oxides, so no need to worry about that!

  2. Bugs, like mosquitos, are such a pain when you want to be outside but they’re biting you non-stop. Nantucket Spider DEEt-free bug repellent uses organic essential oils and is 99% effective at repelling mosquitoes. I can attest that it works very well for my family and allows us to play outside without suffering from mosquito bites. The smell is pleasant and it isn’t greasy. Other chemical-free alternatives like Badger’s Organic Bug Repellent and Auntie Fanny’s Mosquito Wipes have great reviews as well.

  3. If you have little ones, I highly recommend always having these two homeopathic remedies on hand this summer: Arnica 30 C and Apis mellifica 30 C are life savers!

    Arnica is best used either topically with the cream, or orally with the pellets for injuries, bruises, sprains or strains. I give my kids 3 pellets under the tongue when they have a big accident or injury that warrants a lot of screaming or crying. For bruises or bumps we apply the cream 1 to 3 times a day to the affected area. Just don’t use arnica cream on an open wound.

    Apis mellifica has greatly helped me on more than one occasion! Once, my mother got stung by a wasp and I dosed her with Apis mellifica 30 C, 3 pellets under the tongue, every 15 minutes until the pain started to diminish. It significantly reduced the pain and swelling—she was so surprised how quickly she healed! I also recommended it to a teacher at my kids’ school who got stung by a bee on her finger during a field trip. Her thumb was very swollen and red and she was in a lot of pain. She messaged me later that the remedy greatly helped reduce both the  pain and the swelling.

  4. Bandaids are an obvious must if you plan on partaking of any awesome adventures this summer. You never know when someone might scrape a knee and if you have kids, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

  5. We also have gauze and traditional triple-antibiotic ointments if you think you might need to add those to your pack as well. I tend to reach for a salve before other ointments because salves pack powerful medicines! EZ Herbs All-Purpose salve is absolutely the best! Made by a local herbalist and carried at Peoples S. Lamar and Westlake, this salve contains healing plant medicine like calendula, comfrey and St. John’s wort. This will come in handy for any cut, scrape, scratch, or even the odd itchy patch you need to heal up. Apply 1 to 3 times a day until the area has healed.

  6. The next recommendations are nutritional basics not to be underestimated. Pack a protein bar and thank me later. Whether you are embarking on a road trip, camping trip, or flying across the country, there will be a time you get hungry and finding a healthy snack may be nearly impossible. Who wants to spend five bucks on a cruddy-quality bar at the airport – yuck! Throw a GoMacro bar or a Kate’s bar into your pack and you’re good to go!

  7. Now what is one of the most common issues that arises when people travel? They don’t drink enough water and they get dehydrated. It happens a lot and then you end up getting a headache of feeling run down. In your pack, add game-changing Trace Mineral Drops, but be sure to pack it inside a zip lock bag just in case it spills. When you are on the go, add 10-20 drops into your water container and enjoy the feeling of actually being hydrated. It makes all the difference when your body has the minerals it needs especially when it’s hot and you are sweating more. Need a little flavor with your trace minerals and water? Power Pak Electrolyte powder packs are another great option to consider.

  8. Hand sanitizer is an obvious one just like bandaids. I love the hand sanitizer sprays by Everyone because they smell amazing and they’re not greasy or tacky. My kids actually ask me to sanitize their hands! Great for outings when sinks and soap and clean restrooms are hard to find.

  9. Lavender essential oil is optional but a good one to have on hand because it’s great to apply to wounds or fresh bug bites. Dab a tiny amount onto a wound or onto a bug bite or sting to calm the area. If you are using this on someone with sensitive skin, you may want to dilute it with a drop or two of water or mix it into a small amount of salve and then spread it on. The second awesome benefit of the lavender oil is its ability to calm your nervous system and help you sleep. If you’re someone who gets stressed traveling or has a hard time sleeping in a bed that isn’t yours, use the lavender oil to calm you down. Dab a little on your inner wrists and behind your ear. Also, spread a drop into your hands and inhale the scent gently to allow it to naturally bring down your anxiety.
  10. Sticking with the theme of travel-time sleep support, pack a small bottle of melatonin spray or a melatonin tincture. This is especially helpful if you are traveling to another place where there is a significant time zone difference and you may have sleep troubles. Take a small dose 30 minutes before bed every night to help you get better quality sleep so you can have enough energy to enjoy your adventures!

The Peoples wellness team is always here to help you find everything you need to have a healthy and happy vacation (or staycation). Ask any wellness team member to share with you their favorite travel tips as well. You won’t regret it!

For more great travel tips, especially if you know you are the kind of traveler who tends to need gut or immune support as well (many of us are!), be sure to read this informative article too! Holiday Travel Tips

List of what was mentioned:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Bug spray
  3. Arnica & Apis mellifica
  4. Bandaids
  5. All-purpose salve 
  6. Trace mineral drops
  7. Protein bar
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. Lavender essential oil
  10. Melatonin spray
  11. Gut & Immune support

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