nicks-sticks-boxWhen heading out on an outdoor excursion this summer, be sure to pack some nutritious snacks to keep you fueled up and ready for adventure! While you may be tempted to grab any old beef jerky, most mainstream options are loaded with sodium, nitrites, hormones and a slew of other chemicals that can ruin your game and wreak havoc on your body. At Peoples, we know the importance of a clean snack and that’s why we are in love with Nick’s Sticks. These lean, mean protein sticks contain 10g of protein a piece and come in free-range turkey and grass-fed beef options, each available in a spicy flavor if you want a little extra kick! They’re easily stashed in a backpack, pocket or bike bag for a quick energy boost or to get the kids to the next stop down the road. They are all gluten-free, antibiotic-free, MSG-free, no nitrites added, and most importantly, completely delicious! Pick up some Nick’s Sticks at any Peoples location today!