lovelifeFood is a potent source of healing and thriving. It can also be our ultimate saboteur, leading to weight gain, low energy, premature aging and nearly every health malady in existence. What we choose – or don’t choose – to feed ourselves not only fuels our physical bodies but also greatly affects our mind, and can prevent an array of more serious conditions. Introducing The LoveLife Program – a revolutionary method that helps you determine what foods work best with your unique constitution!

The amount of conflicting information, fad diets and mainstream nutritional advice can seem overwhelming. One of the reasons there is so much polarization is that these recommendations and diets take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to health. The reality is that while certain diets may work for some, these same diets may not work for others. Beyond specific foods that are right for you, there’s more to uncover including finding your unique carbohydrate and protein threshold, or discovering the optimal times your body does best in processing certain foods.

How does The LoveLife Program work?
It all begins by identifying your trigger foods, uncovering food intolerances, learning how to replace these with foods that fuel you and finding your unique carbohydrate and protein threshold; all which form your unique “Food Fit.” Aimed at helping people live at peak performance, LoveLife helps individuals discover what their body uniquely needs to live life well. Guiding clients on a food discovery journey to uncover their unique food triggers and tolerances; finding their Food Fit and unleashing their happiest, healthiest self. Their 21-day program includes daily coaching, peer-to-peer support, Food Tuning Tracker, proprietary packaged goods and recipes along with easy-to-follow program guides.

What can you achieve once you’re Food Fit?

  • Different than a cleanse or diet, learn what’s right for YOU and create the roadmap for a healthier life.
  • Discover your unique carbohydrates and protein threshold to maximize weight loss, banish cravings and raise energy levels.
  • Eliminate food confusion and achieve vitality by finding whether you thrive with vegetarian or animal proteins.
  • Find your personal Power Foods and trigger foods. Learn which elevate or sabotage your energy, weight, mood and more.

The LoveLife Program’s clients gain a sense of wonder and empowerment by discovering how easy it is to listen to their bodies and eat what is right for them. Through this process, habits are rewired, cravings are diminished, deeply embedded toxins are dislodged, metabolism is revved up, healthy weight loss is initiated and clients have an opportunity to finally experience how good one can feel (and look!) with just food! As part of our partnership with LoveLife, customers from Peoples can receive $75 OFF the LoveLife Program by entering code: LOVELIFE at checkout.

We are excited to partner with The LoveLife Program to help empower, educate provide you with choices on your road to wellness. To make your food journey that much easier, Peoples carries a variety of LoveLife-compliant snacks, all conveniently labeled for program participants. We also press The Love Cleanse raw, organic, cold-pressed juice blend daily as part of our PharmFresh line. We hope to continue to grow this partnership to include community kick-off events, lunch and learns and much more coming soon! To learn more about how The LoveLife Program works, please visit their website at