Saturday, 10/29/16 on KJCE 1370 AM

“Let’s Get Healthy!” with Bill Swail, RPh, Dr. Richard Massey and Meridian Grace, Naturopath

Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. Expert in psychology of eating explains how to manage candy consumption during Halloween’s short-term binge

Scott Theirl, DC, DACNB, FACFN on Neuroscience’s NEW Mitochondrial testing


Saturday, 10/22/16 on KJCE 1370 AM

“Let’s Get Healthy!” with Bill Swail, RPh & Marianne Calvanese, ND and Wallace Taylor, MD

Dr. Laredo Ritter, on Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure

Dr. Nathan Bryan, PhD, on what N-O is and why we need it, discussing Neo40 by Neogenis

Michelle Hart, on Thermography, a less invasive option to mammograms,,


Saturday, 10/15/16 on KJCE 1370 AM

“Let’s Get Healthy!” with Bill Swail, RPh & Astra Gordon, LAc

Dr. Beth Darnall, PhD, author of Less Pain Fewer Pills; Avoid the Dangers of Prescription Opioids and Gain Control Over Chronic Pain. Topic: New CDC Guidelines Limits on Opioids Creates Crisis for Those in Chronic Pain

Dr. Emek Blair to discuss NuMedica’s liposomals, such as vitamin C, glutathione, curcumin.

Sue Hoffman, one of the founders of Capital City Village – Keep Aging Weird. Their Keep Aging Weird luncheon is coming up on Oct. 27th.

Saturday, 10/8/16 on KJCE 1370 AM

“Let’s Get Healthy!” with Bill Swail, RPh and Dr. Lauren Sanchez, ND

Dr. Mark Engelman, MD, FSCM, ABAARM, FAARM on “Autoimmune sensitivities on the rise?”  & “The differences between delayed and immediate autoimmune response”

Heather Hanson, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, discussing Women’s Health & XYMOGEN

Suzanne Potts, Executive Director of the Autism Society of Central Texas – Peoples Rx is a proud SPONSOR of their first ever Autism Film Festival at Alamo Drafthouse with a Casino Party at The Highball. The Highball party includes food, fun, karaoke, casino night, Paddles Up, and a small silent auction! See Film Festival Schedule, with tickets and info at


Saturday, 10/1/16 on KJCE 1370 AM, 9 – 10 AM

“Let’s Get Healthy!” with Bill Swail, RPh, Dr. Amy Tyler, ND & Dr. Wallace Taylor, MD

Caitlin Shetterly, author of her new book, MODIFIED: GMOs and the Threat to Our Food, Our Land, Our Future.

Dan Yates, local Mold Assessment Consultant with Texas Mold Consultants Operations, Certified Thermographer and Engineer.