PilatesI have always been active — hiking, biking and running — but when a friend invited me to her Pilates class, it completely changed my mindset. I could not figure out why these seemingly easy exercises were so hard for me. But I stuck to it. As I continued my practice of Pilates, I noticed that I was becoming a better runner and feeling stronger in my day to day life. My body changed drastically. I was suddenly stronger, more flexible and more balanced in my 30’s than I had been in my teens when I used to ski and play softball!

I decided to study the Pilates method so I could share this amazing method with the world! I went through a yearlong program on how to teach the Classical Pilates Method. I then learned how to teach CoreAlign, fascial release, corrective movements and Movement Culture. I sought out the best teachers in the world: I studied with teachers in the US, Israel and Egypt, and went to Italy to study with the best doctors in fascial research and movement. All the while continuing my teaching.

The more I taught Pilates and the other methods, the more positive transformations I witnessed every day in my clients. I’ve had the fortune of being able to help people suffering from all sorts of conditions, including MS, hip and shoulder replacements, cerebral palsy, carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder impingements, but one of my most rewarding teaching experiences involved a client with breast cancer who underwent bilateral mastectomies and latissimus dorsi reconstruction. Initially describing herself as feeling “completely broken,” she regained her zeal for life was able to accomplish far beyond what she imagined possible. Some of my other success stories include:

  • A client with fibromyalgia began to walk straighter without dragging her foot, and gained the strength to play with her kids and take them to Disneyland.
  • A client with back pain and a knee replacement at age 63 was able to go shopping without throwing her back out.  
  • A triathlete with a herniated disc thought his dreams of making it to the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii were shattered, but he ended up qualifying and competing after practicing Pilates and fascial release.
  • A client with chronic back pain from four pregnancies got stronger and had her best pregnancy and delivery ever with kiddo number five.
  • Professional athletes who maintain even, healthy bodies.
  • Car accident victims and pre- and post-surgery clients who go back to living pain-free.
  • Soldiers who regain balance in their minds and bodies from war injuries, amputations, brain trauma and PTSD.  

How could I possibly help so many different types of people? With the equipment I have in my studio, I assess how you walk, sit, stand and move in your daily life. Next, we try several exercises tailored specifically for you, to see what helps get you out of pain or feel more balanced. Once we have established what works, we go on a journey of strength and rebalancing. I teach you how to move for your body and help you begin an amazing journey of getting stronger, more balanced and more flexible. Joseph Pilates said “You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions and have a completely new body in 30 sessions.” I witness miracles like that every day.

I know that everyone has the ability to get stronger and have a better balanced body at any age or in any shape!

If you are interested in learning how to reduce or eliminate pain through corrective movements, come listen and/or participate in a free fascial release class called “Move Your Fascia to Get Out of Pain” at Peoples Rx South Lamar location on Wednesday, November 16th at 7pm. You can also contact me to set up private sessions at 480-335-9490 or email me at dawn@choumans.com. My office is located at Peoples Wellness Center Central, 4107 Medical Parkway Suite 213.  

by Dawn Chouman

DawnChoumanphotoDawn Chouman has been teaching Pilates, CoreAlign and Fascial release for 11 years. She is a Classically trained and P.M.A. certified Pilates teacher and has been CoreAlign certified by Jonathon Hoffman, the inventor of the CoreAlign. Dawn has trained with Anatomy Trains, Dr. Carla Stecco and Dr. Anna Maria Vitali in fascial lines and release techniques. She also trained with Ido Portal’s movement group, Movement Culture. She is passionate about sharing what she knows with all of her clients from age 7 to 92! For more information, visit www.harmonyofmovement.com