tophealthtrendsThe forecast is in! What fad diets are in? Which ones are out? Which superfoods top the list? What are the new media and marketing trends? What fitness is in/out? My name is Katherine Grey Crosswell, Peoples’ resident Weight Loss & Wellness Specialist. Here’s what to get excited about and watch out for this year!

1. Anti-wheat will still reign on top of the most popular list for weight loss diet fads while anti-grain tops the list, as well. There is validity to many of the claims as to why!

2. Ancient grains are “new” again and loaded with awesomely rich tastes, textures and nutrients. Some of them are even gluten-free including quinoa, barley, millet, teff, kamut, amaranth, farro and spelt.

3. Kale is still the #1 superfood along with newcomers coconut oil (my favorite) and chia seeds (omega-3 and ALA-rich). 

4. Low-fat is out. Low-carb is still in and remains strong.

5. MyPlate will be this year’s internet go-to educational tool. It’s mainstream, easy to read and understand and is loaded with information to help guide most folks toward healthier choices.

6. Grocery store dietitians will be the new “it” job in most grocery store chains. Supermarkets are catching up to the health craze, making separate areas for special diets and health needs and are hiring trained employees to work in special health and wellness sections in their markets.

7. It’s all about the TV doctor talk shows! These shows are at the top of the ratings and we can expect to see more of them. You can be dang sure that mainstream America will still be following and purchasing anything that Dr. Oz promotes in 2014!

8. Famous celebrity books and healthy food shows will also be launching this year. In fact, there’s a few I am excited to check out and review!

9. Hiring a weight loss, nutrition or wellness coach to help guide, support and hold you accountable is also a big trend this year. Woohoo!

10. Health-related misinformation and marketing gimmicks (as opposed to published, peer-reviewed research) will be even more prevalent in 2014. Promise me you won’t believe the first things you hear or read, ever! Make this year the one that you consult with a Peoples practitioner regarding what intrigues you in the health, wellness and weight loss industry! We’re always up to date and happy to help sift through the half-truths.

11. Look for more food labels to say Eco-Conscious/Friendly.

12. Fruits and vegetables will still be the top recommended addition to any nutrition program, always!

13. Products touting “natural highs, natural anti-stress and/or natural focus” using ingredients to deliver more energy, relaxation and mental clarity will find their way into drinks, snacks, protein powders, etc. These products will fly off the shelves because, don’t we all want to feel great naturally?

14. New exotic flavors from foraged ingredients will be popping up all over the wellness market.

15. Protein will be added to many random, yet interesting, products in 2014. Trust me, you will see the word protein on some of the most non-conventional and unexpected food products. Traditional protein powders will offer even more protein to help reel the protein-conscious foodies in for the buy!

16. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Body Weight Training and Functional Fitness (i.e. smarter exercising) are this years “sweat it out and lose it” trends. (I preach HIIT to all of my clients!)

17. Fermented and probiotic-loaded drinks, foods, supplements, and skin care (yep, even skin care!) are headed into the mainstream of everything weight loss, health and wellness-related.

18. Mulberry is the buzz fruit of 2014. It’s small, powerfully rich in antioxidants and it’s leaves are known to help improve the way sugar is digested in the body. 

19. Plant-based diets, buying organic and juicing will be at the top of the priority list for the health and weight loss-conscious! They are also awesome practices for you to research and include in your healthy programs.

20. 7-Keto, Garcinia Cambogia, and Raspberry Ketones are buzzword nutraceuticals for supporting weight loss in 2014, thanks to Dr. Oz. However, I beg to differ. Speak with a wellness specialist about more effective weight loss options.

21. Here are a few more top superfoods making the cut in 2014: Beluga Lentils, Avocado Oil, Beet Juice, Teff, Canary Seeds, Buffaloberries, Matcha Green Tea, Black Soybeans, Tempeh, Shichimi Togarashi/Za’atar (exotic spice blends) and Salsify (root vegetable). 

22. Mindfulness, meditation and living in your “now” are also still in the forefront of 2014 wellness trends. I encourage you all to try to be present with yourself and your choices, always! It will help you want to make healthier choices for your most balanced you. It does take practice before becoming a habit and Peoples is here to help!


by Katherine Grey Crosswell, Weight Loss and Wellness Specialist. Katherine is available for consultation at the Westlake Peoples.