Peoples Deli has some new items coming out for our spring/summer hotness menu. Below is a list of what your taste buds can expect to party with:


On the soup front we are replacing two for a more heat-friendly option. First is our Monday creamy tomato soup which will be replaced with a Miso soup made with organic tofu.  The other is our Thursday wintery grass-fed beef with vegetable soup which will be swapped for a pasture-raised, spicy chicken tortilla.


With our cold-pressed juices you’ll see some new faces too!  Beets are going out of season so our ORACle will be changed out for an as-of-now unnamed new green juice.  The Autumn Morning blend is slipping out the door and watermelon is coming in. Finally our Beta Carrot Zing will be summarized with a more citrusy orange colored juice that has some spicy jalapeno added.


Other items will include a Thai coconut curry (mayoless) chicken salad to replace the coconut curry chicken.  Texas Caviar (with organic corn) will be replacing our Party of 5 Bean Salad.