One of the best things about compounding medication is the ability to create unique dosage forms. We compound dosage forms that deliver medication directly to its final destination. Many commercial medications are only available from drug manufacturers as one standard strength, intended to be swallowed and digested to get it where it is supposed to be going. In addition to many other forms, Peoples can compound nail polishes, for example, to deliver medicine under the toenails, sublingual and transdermal medication to deliver medication into the bloodstream and even nasal sprays to deliver medication directly into the sinuses.




Peoples creates these dosage forms through the use of many innovative bases. One such base is poloxamer gel. Polaxamer gel is distinctive in two ways. It is thermo-reversible meaning it is a liquid at cold temperatures and becomes a gel when raised to body temperature. This┬áversatility┬ámakes it much easier to administer in cavernous body parts like ear canals. It is also bio-adhesive – it adheres to skin until it dissolves or is washed out with cool water. This increased contact time means increased duration of action of the prescription drugs imbedded in the gel. This base has no problem getting to hard to reach places and sticking until the job is done!



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by Nicola Trevis


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