appe240My name is Katherine Grey Crosswell and as Peoples’ resident Weight Loss Specialist, I know all too well the tricks and gimmicks of the natural weight loss supplement industry. However, I’ve finally found a supplement that suppresses appetite, eases obsessive thought patterns that can lead to unhealthy addictive behaviors and can also help curb specific cravings associated with food, alcohol and drugs.

The annual revenue of the natural weight loss supplement industry was well over $1 billion in 2013. That’s a huge number that will only continue rising because most businesses in the weight loss industry have it figured out: they sell you with the “Dr. Oz effect,” you buy into the pitch and marketing gimmicks, you lose a little weight, gain it back, and then you go out and seek a new trend! The industry creates the need for you to keep “coming back for more.” It’s the successful yo-yo diet trend that I have bought into plenty of times before.

Having tried almost every natural weight loss supplement over the last 20 years and never really losing any weight simply by taking any of the pills, I can testify that Xymogen’s Appe-Curb is different. Appe-Curb is specifically designed for body and mind balance so that you can reach your goals. When taken as suggested (4 capsules before breakfast and 4 capsules before 3pm) you will be able to stay on track and focus on your wellness plan because your mind will not be in your way!

Appe-Curb contains amino acids that your body needs to make its own neurotransmitters which are essential to your “food-seeking” behaviors. The specific neurotransmitter precursors and conversion nutrients help satisfy (trick/ fool) the “reward cascade” of the brain which can help balance cravings for sugar, carbohydrates, nicotine, alcohol and drugs.

Appe-Curb Formula Details (The first 4 are the active and essential amino acid components):

  • 5-HTP – a natural amino acid that suppresses appetite, reduces stress, and regulates mood by regulating serotonin.
  • DL-Phenylalanine (DLPA) – bolster’s the mood elevating chemicals in the brain balancing signs of depression, eases symptoms associated with chronic pain and improves focus and concentration.
  • L-Tyrosine – helps induce thermogenesis (increases metabolism), helps with satiety, reduces and can improve mood during times of stress.
  • L-Glutamine – aids in reducing carbohydrate cravings.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 – the essential vitamins necessary for making healthy neurotransmitters.
  • Chromium – is an essential trace mineral that shows promise in augmenting the actions of insulin by helping to monitor and stabilize blood sugar levels. It’s effective in helping to metabolize carbohydrates and encourages satiety. When you eat carbohydrates, they are broken down to sugar and absorbed into the bloodstream. Chromium helps slow down the release of sugar into the blood which is the most important and very first step to controlling blood sugar, and a very important goal of any healthy diet plan.

Appe-Curb will not make you sleepy, jittery or hyper. Your brain “reward cascade” will be operating properly which encourages total body and mind balance. Added (but welcomed) side effects may include increased energy and a balanced mood!

Appe-Curb’s formula appropriately feeds and nourishes your brain neurotransmitters. When your mind and body are working together to your best benefit, you can successfully make the right and healthy decisions that will allow you to start creating healthy lasting lifestyle habits. Hunger and cravings are substantially controlled by specific neurotransmitter chemical messengers to your head. With Appe-Curb you can finally get out of your head and into your skinny jeans!


by Katherine Grey Crosswell, Weight Loss & Wellness Specialist. Katherine is available for consultation at the Westlake location.