It’s that time of year again, folks! Just when you’ve boosted your immunity through flu season and think you’re in the clear, cedar season hits! If you’re new to the “joys” of cedar fever in central Texas or got caught off guard this year when the pollen started falling, there are still natural ways you can find relief with effective, locally-made remedies, free of side effects and safe for all ages!

When does it hit and what does it feel like

Cedar season typically starts in mid to late November and lasts until March. (Stop by any Peoples Rx location today for a free, helpful Austin allergy chart magnet for your fridge, while supplies last!) It’s ideal to prepare your body’s natural defenses early, but it’s not too late to start now since symptoms typically last all season. Allergic reactions can include headaches, congestion, mild facial pain, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, sore throat, sensation of plugged ears, fatigue, and sneezing. For those with severe reactions, a combination of products is often needed to manage the symptoms and provide relief.

Top tincture, hyper-local

One of our top recommendations to battle cedar fever is Cedar Serum from Biostar Botanicals–there is no other aid quite like it! This tincture provides specific relief for allergies against local ‘mountain cedar’ trees (officially, they are ashe juniper) and is made here in Austin. Our customers and employees swear by this remedy as the biggest game changer for them when trying to combat cedar fever.

It is recommended to take one drop in 8 ounces of water the first day, then increase by one drop each day until 15 drops are tolerated. Once 15 drops are reached, continue that dosage each day until cedar season is over. We also provide an acute dosing schedule if you are starting a bit late taking the remedy and need to dose quicker. Our knowledgeable wellness employees can provide those instructions.

What about homeopathics?

Cedar Allergy Mix from Professional Health Products is another heavy hitter for cedar allergy sufferers. It is a homeopathic spray that includes two different homeopathic preparations of cedar, as well as remedies to address symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. Homeopathic remedies like these work quickly to provide relief and can be safely used throughout the season.

It is recommended for adults to take 2-3 sprays orally, 3 times daily. Homeopathics like this are best taken away from food and beverage and not to be taken close to the times you brush your teeth. Children can take this remedy, but be advised that there is some alcohol in the spray for preservation.

If you love the idea of taking a homeopathic remedy like Cedar Allergy Mix, but you suspect other Texas allergens are killing you, we have the best option to combat it all. Allergena’s Texas Cedar Fever drops are homeopathic drops formulated to be sublingual immunotherapy against dozens of Texas trees, weeds and grasses. It’s not unusual for people have a hard time combating cedar fever because they are also inundated with medium to high levels of pollen from other trees and grasses. The combination of all the environmental allergens stimulates the immune system and increases histamine production leading to intense symptoms. Adults can take 10-15 drops three times a day under the tongue for symptom relief. My personal favorite combination is using this as indicated and taking D-Hist three times a day. This combination can be safely taken as each product has different mechanisms of action. This is like hitting the target at different angles. When you’re suffering, often you’ve got to address it from multiple angles until you experience relief.

Don’t let congestion and mucus get you down

A long-standing favorite of many Peoples employees is D-Hist from Orthomolecular. This capsulated herbal and nutritional formula is great for all types of allergies and helps address congestion and nasal drainage better than most other products on the market. D-Hist Jr is a tasty chewable, great for kiddos who are also experiencing the worst of cedar season and need support as well.

If you suffer from a lot of mucus, post nasal drip or phlegmy cough, you may want to add NAC by NuMedica into your allergy routine. NAC breaks apart and thins mucus allowing you to find some relief. It can potentially shorten the duration and severity of lung symptoms. I typically recommend 600 mg, 2-3 times a day depending on severity of symptoms.

Nasal wash for the win

When people have a history of sinus infections and their nasal discharge has been green or yellowish, I suggest they use the NeilMed nasal sinus rinse with the Alkalol. The NeilMed sinus rinse is easier to use than a traditional neti pot and is a more effective sinus irrigation method. When used with Alkalol nasal wash, the sinuses get cleared out and congestion decreases. For people who cannot use a nasal wash or are traveling, I suggest they use the Xlearxylitol nasal spray. This spray is helpful with getting the nasal cavity hydrated as well as making it less susceptible to infection.

Here at Peoples, we are more than familiar with cedar fever and are equipped to help you find the right products to address your unique symptoms. If you are suffering from a combination of allergies, we can help with that too! We have products that provide quick relief whether you are starting now or are already experiencing the wrath of full-blown cedar fever. We are happy to educate you on all your options and how to reduce your risk of suffering from cedar season each year. From homeopathic remedies to over-the-counter medicine, we have dozens of allergy relief options so you can function normally again.

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*Although licensed in other states, Naturopathic Doctors are not currently licensed in Texas.