Pictured (from left): Winter Green, Beta Carrot Zing, The Love Cleanse

I designed the Peoples Rx 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse Program as an easy and delicious reboot for the body and mind. Optimal health requires optimal daily practices, such as clean eating, healthy physical activity, and positive emotional and spiritual practices. My intention with this cleanse is to help you jumpstart healthy habits that promote your optimal health and well-being. With this cleanse, healthy organ function is supported through a combination of herbal teas, nutrient-dense cold-pressed, organic juices and fresh smoothies.

Often we get off track (think holiday parties and indulgences!) and need a reboot to return to the daily practices that keep us healthy. Decreasing salt and sugar from your diet allows your palate to reset, so that you experience satisfaction in the simple, delicious, healthy, whole-food options. The hemp protein and fresh fruit in the smoothies provide an ample amount of fiber, which allows waste products to bind in the gut and be removed from circulation. And the recommended probiotics help to populate the digestive tract with diverse beneficial flora to support your microbiome, aka all the good flora that help your digestion, immune system, and mood.  The multivitamin ensures that all micronutrients are available for metabolism and elimination.  

This cleanse is designed for beginning cleanse seekers and experienced cleanse enthusiasts alike. Peoples’ seasonal juice recipes are prepared daily and provide high amounts of the vitamins and enzymes that support health and healing. Many people experience short term benefits from the 3-day cleanse such as weight loss, but the real way to maintain the benefits are by cleaning up your diet and lifestyle.

As one of my mentors told me, if you can get people breathing, sleeping, and pooping, you can bring them back to health!  This cleanse features additional resources to optimize your cleanse experience, including detailed directions on skin brushing, using castor oil packs, recipes and more. With easy pick up at any Peoples Deli location, all the components of the cleanse are available to order in the store or online at peoplesrxstage.wpengine.com/cleanse.

The Peoples Rx 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse provides a delicious way to jumpstart your continued road towards ideal health. It is always best to consult with your doctor and wellness practitioner to determine if you are a good candidate for the cleanse, especially if you have a medical condition or are on medication. Any of our wellness staff will be happy to outline the cleanse program further, and help customize the program to your needs.

Make sure every day is bringing you closer to optimal health!

by Dr. Julia Strickler*, ND

juliastrickler_croppedDr. Julia Strickler, ND* received her Doctorate of Naturopathy (ND) from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. Dr. Strickler assists patients through nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and mind-body awareness. She lives in Austin, TX.