February is American Heart Health Month. It is a time for directing awareness to the fact that heart disease is our nation’s leading chronic disease. As such, it underlies or contributes to the development of other diseases. A person’s diet, lifestyle and environment, matched to his or her genetic makeup, are major determinants for heart disease.

Fortunately, many new scientific studies are showing that all of these factors along with the aging process have a direct effect on one major underlying piece of the puzzle for the cause of heart disease. The discovery of a molecule called Nitric Oxide (N-O) or the “Master Regulator” has caused the field of medicine to begin rethinking the way it approaches heart disease.

Nitric oxide (N-O) is a very important ‘signaling’ molecule in the body that transmits messages to cells for proper function. The critical importance of nitric oxide is undeniable by the number and quality of publications coming from the biomedical science community.

Loss of N-O is the earliest event in the onset and progression of a number of diseases, especially cardiovascular disease, which is the number one killer of men and women in the US.

When N-O is created and released in the body, it sends off crucial signals inside every cell, tissue, organ and system where it commands:

· Blood vessels to relax so they can expand which reduces blood pressure and increases circulating oxygen and nutrients

· Blood platelets to become less sticky thus preventing abnormal blood clots and plaque build-up

· The immune system to destroy invading disease-producing agents and cancer cells

· Brain cells to communicate with each other for proper brain function such as mood and memory

N-O also supports health in other areas such as kidneys, bones, sleep, body weight, joints, skin, eyes, dental and even sexual health and altitude tolerance.

Clinical studies reveal that we lose 10% to 12% of our N-O production per decade beginning about age 25. The choices we make during this period can affect the rate of N-O loss, either speeding it up or slowing it down.

There are five main reasons why people may be deficient in NO:
1. Enzymes become dysfunctional (nitric oxide synthase) making a person unable to produce N-O from L-arginine in the blood vessels anymore. This is common after the age of 40 and is referred to as endothelial dysfunction. In fact, loss of N-O is the hallmark of atherosclerosis which is the disease that develops from endothelial dysfunction and leads to heart attacks and strokes.

2. Poor diet with insufficient nitrates from green leafy vegetables and beets that provide the building blocks for N-O production in the body. In addition, junk food, bad fats and excess sugar intake are linked to inflammation in the body. N-O becomes depleted or used-up in this situation because it is an antioxidant.

3. Oral dysbiosis, in other words, you may not have the correct type of oral bacteria that convert dietary sources of nitrate into N-O. This may be due to antiseptic mouthwash and antibiotic use or poor oral hygiene.

4. A genetic disorder or weakness that may affect N-O production. We are beginning to recognize certain genetic disorders that disrupt N-O production. Only a genetic test will reveal a serious condition. In general, some people are just genetically weaker at making N-O than others.

5. Regular exercise stimulates the production of N-O and some people don’t make exercise a regular part of their lifestyle. Interestingly, having more N-O makes exercise easier and more effective.

The good news is that the technology we have developed in Neo40® Daily can restore NO production and availability in all of five of these situations.

Neo40® Daily works in two phases to provide (1) the nutrients necessary to restore the body’s own N-O production within the blood vessels. (2) a unique patented technology that allows for immediate release of N-O upon dissolving in the mouth. This corrects N-O levels instantly while endothelial repair is underway.

The unique patented technology is different from L-arginine based products. Neo40® Daily employs the alternate or second pathway that the body uses for N-O production. This recently uncovered pathway operates even under conditions of less oxygen (hypoxia) and is not dependent on a healthy endothelium. This nitrate to nitrite to N-O pathway works with our patented technology to deliver robust amounts of N-O. This is particularly invaluable in disease states such as heart disease and for the elite athlete who must perform in states of developing hypoxia.

Including more nitrate-rich green leafy vegetables and moderate physical exercise in your daily regimen will assist in restoring N-O and will actually make Neo40® Daily more effective.

Neogenis® Labs is the world leader in nitric oxide science. It invests in research and provides visual substantiation for the convincing evidence that Neo40 Daily is safe, extremely effective, and works within minutes.

However, it is important to remember that loss of N-O production is a process that occurs over many years — so in some people it may take some time to repair the damage in the blood vessels to restore the ability to make healthy N-O levels.

Our advice is to be diligent, make wise choices in terms of diet and exercise, and take your Neo40 Daily. The remarkable benefits of N-O go beyond heart health and lay the foundation for restoring and optimizing whole body health.