ProteaseSummer is a great time for outdoor activities and staying active with sports and swimming . However, muscle fatigue and injuries can sometimes occur and no one wants to be stuck on the sidelines. In such instances, Transformation Enzymes recommends Protease™. This supplement is a highly effective formulation designed to promote overall wellness for oxidative stress and is especially beneficial for supporting muscle pain and fatigue after exercise.

One of the most important things to provide your body with after muscle fatigue or injury is nutrients. Your muscles and tissue cells need all of the vitamins and minerals they can get in order to properly recover. Digestive enzymes support the proper breakdown of these nutrients, but what about ensuring it gets to the cell? The stable and pH balanced proteolytic enzymes in Protease™ support optimal delivery of nutrients to the cell, supporting a healthy inflammatory response and can result in a more optimal recovery time. So whether you are recovering or preventing, utilize Transformation’s Protease™ to support a healthy muscular system.

by Lindsay Bangle with Transformation Enzymes

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