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In the never-ending rush of our days, what does one little task matter? Well, that one little task can be your most important everything! We speed brainlessly through errands and tasks as if they are nothing, looking already to the next task, until we collapse at the end of the day exhausted, having spent a day cranking through nothings. Here are a few techniques to bring purpose back into your everyday life!

Our most common intention reads something like: “I check off ‘nothings’ all day long. Hurried, perturbed, “why doesn’t this work?”, rushing conversations to get to the next nothing task simple so that I can check it off the to-do list.”

But here’s a different intention that I have found to be actually rewarding and fulfilling: “I will make each task its own universe, its own specialness. Then, every moment of my day is ridiculously important and wonderful and powerful.”

I can say that, firsthand, this has been transformational and life-changing for me and my clients. And yet, it is as simple as changing a thought pattern!


Here’s a step-by-step process to consider for one single task in an effort to bring peace and fulfillment into your everyday life:

  1. Pause and consider. Why are you doing the task? Because it’s on your list, because someone sent it to you? Or because it will make a difference in the world, help make someone’s life better? Is it a compassionate act? Is it part of a project that matters? Know why you’re doing something, and then imbue the task with that intention.
  2. Notice your fear. Sometimes we resist a task and procrastinate it. This procrastination is rooted in fear, and so the trick is to see the fear, to feel it in your body, to accept it as part of you and not “wrong”. Then, give it compassion and act anyway, in the moment. Don’t let your mind run away from the task.
  3. Make the task your universe. Have you ever been reading an article (like this one) and had the urge to switch to something else? This urge pushes itself on us all day because of the nagging feeling that there’s something else we should be doing, something else more important, more fun, that we might be missing out on. Instead, forget about those “something elses”. Make this one task your everything, and give it the space to fill up your entire mind. Put yourself fully in this one space and pretend there’s nothing else.
  4. Stay with the task. Even with this task becoming your universe, there will be the urge to run away. This is fear again. Don’t let it rule you. Stick with the task, even just for a couple more minutes. Be curious about it. Notice its qualities, wonder how it will go if you stay with it, don’t think you know everything about it. Pay attention and see what it’s like.
  5. Bow when you’re done. Don’t rush off to the next task, but instead pause. Create a tiny bit of space before you move on to the next thing. Check the task off your list. Breathe, and see how your body is feeling. Now consider what task you should do next, not just because it’s in your inbox or task list, but because it matters.

by Katherine Grey Crosswell, Weight Loss and Wellness Specialist. Katherine is available for consultation at the Westlake location.