Listen to our archived radio shows below, learn about our guests and read some of the “clinical pearls” they’ve shared with us!
Saturday, September 29th, 2012:
  • Good News Health Show on KLGO – September 29, 2012 with Bill Swail, RPh & Amy Love, ND. Featuring Marla Camp with Edible Austin & Farmers’ Markets; Michelle Hart, DITI thermography; Dr. Corey Schuler MS, DC, CNS, LN, on Femmenessence & Revolution and Dr. Ross Walker (cardiologist) pre-record
  • Healthy Choices on KLBJ September 29, 2012 with Ray Solano, RPh & Victor Carsrud, DC with Dr. Randall Dryer with Central Texas Spine Institute:, Topic: The use of adult stem cells in procedures – results, what the future holds in practices, research.  Also, Dr. Corey Schuler MS, DC, CNS, LN

Mon., Oct. 1st, 2012:

KJCE with Bill & Dr. Carsrud with Dr. Corey Schuler MS, DC, CNS, LN; Dr. Randall Dryer with Central Texas Spine Institute:; Andrea Donsky, R.H.N., co-founder of and author of “UNJUNK YOUR JUNK FOOD: Healthy Alternatives to Conventional Snacks;” author, Anna Lappe – Food MythBusters, previews at SXSW Eco next week.

Thanks to Amy Love, ND for these Radio Highlights:Potentially life-saving tips:
How can you tell if someone is having a stroke? Use the F.A.S.T. acronym to help remember and identify symptoms of a stroke:
F- face – is their face symmetrical when they smile, or does one side droop?
A- arms – can the person raise both arms evenly, or does one arm droop or respond less?
S- speech – is their speech slurred?
T- time – get help as soon as possible – every second counts!
What can someone do if they think they are having a heart attack?
1-Take a deep breath (increases oxygenation)
2- Cough forcefully (compresses organs including heart and can help circulate oxygenated blood)
3- Repeat this every few seconds. This may help someone maintain consciousness until help arrives
Farmer’s Markets: has lists of area farmer’s markets and current seasonal veggies
Michelle Hart, DITI thermography

*October is Breast Health Awareness Month, and DITI imaging is offering $30 off of all new patient screenings*
– Thermogram is a picture of the infrared heat being given off by the body
– Can show tissue/vascular changes in the breasts and other areas
– Recommended that patients establish baseline imaging and follow-up in 3 months for comparison

Dr. Corey Schuler MS, DC, CNS, LN – Femmenessence (for women) and
Revolution (for men)

– Maca-based products that can help the body re-harmonized hormones
– Has been shown to bring hormones into healthy range, whether they are too high or too low to start
– Unlike hormone products, these supplements encourage the body’s own production and metabolism of hormones
– Safe for patients using oral contraceptives or hormone replacement