Saturday, April 27th:
KLGO with Bill Swail, RPh & Leslie White, ND
KJCE with Amy Neuzil, ND & Becky Andrews, ND
KLBJ with Dawn Welch, Homeopath/Naturopath & Dr. Jim Meyer, PharmD
Guests included:
  • Dr. Shrand, author of “Outsmarting Anger
  • Lorri Anderson, Certified Classical Homeopath speaks on Aurum Metallicum and Causticum — maybePhosphoricum Acidum.
  • James Gromley, author of “Health at Gunpoint, The FDA’s Silent War Against Health Freedom”
  • Susan Jones, “Springtime Detox for Home & Body,”
  • Special mention of “A Food Adventure” event:
  • Dr. Chaleff speaks on the Asprega ProPac, available at Peoples
Saturday, April 20th:
KLGO with Bill Swail and Lorri Anderson, CCH
KJCE with Bill Swail and Dr. Richard McCormick, DC
KLBJ with Ray Solano, RPh and Dawn Welch, Naturopath/Homeopath
Guests included:
  • Dr. Richard Walker, author of AFRICAN-AMERICAN HEALTHY and resident of Houston, Texas
  • Lorri Anderson, Homeopath speaking on burns: Calendula, Cantharis, Causticum, Urtica Urens
  • Andre Kulisz, Phd discusses Methylation Cream and PRP spray (NuMedica)
  • Melissa Moody and her upcoming Natural Vision Improvement workshop April 27 & 28.
  • Rick Mathes, presenting “Egoscue: Natural Pain Control” on Monday, April 22nd at Peoples Wellness Center.
Saturday, April 13th:
KLGO with Victor Carsrud, DC & Lorri Anderson, CCH
KJCE with Bill Swail, RPh & Dr. Rey Ximenes, MD
KLBJ with Ray Solano, RPh & Victor Carsrud, DC
Guests included:

  • Richard Cheu, author of “Living Well w/ Chronic Illness” –
  • Dr. Rhonda Parker, Topic: Detoxification with Xymogen’s i5, OptiCleanse GHI, and OptiCleanse
  • Annie Brandt with Best Answer for Cancer. Conference coming up in Dallas next
  • Jonathan Tommey, Director of Fundraising for The Autism Trust, Upcoming event: Give Autism a Chance Dinner on May 18th.
  • Lorri Anderson spoke about 4 wildflowers that are also homeopathic remedies — Mexican Pricklypoppy, Purple Coneflower, Texas Madrone & California Poppy(aka Argemone Mexicana, Echinacea Purpurea, Arbutus Menziesii, and Eschsholzia Californica).
Saturday, April 6th: