cleansebrochureJPEGWhile many of us know that healthy eating helps build a foundation of health, we find that especially over the holidays it is easy to fall off the wagon. January is a great time to re-commit to a healthy lifestyle, and a simple cleanse can be a great kickstart for the new year! As a naturopathic doctor, I often find that when working with clients, a simple cleanse can reset the healthy habits that we work toward all year long.

Naturally, the body has four major routes of detoxification and elimination: the liver, kidneys, colon, and lungs. When we overload these systems, we often feel less than ideal. Using simple strategies and quality, time-tested principles of cleansing, a gentle three-day cleanse incorporating cold-pressed juices and smoothies allows the body to repair itself. Often clients report feeling more energy, better sleep, weight loss, balanced digestion and overall better health.

Some of these symptoms indicate that a person may benefit from cleansing:

  • Constipation, gas, bloating
  • Headaches, muscle aches
  • Over-indulgence, food cravings and food sensitivities
  • Stubborn weight loss
  • Skin imperfections, like acne, rosacea or frequent rashes
  • Fatigue

Peoples 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse incorporates cold-pressed organic juices, nutrient-dense smoothies and handmade vegetable broths to ensure that you continue to get adequate nutrition while cleansing. The juices change throughout the year to optimize nutrient content and seasonal nutrition principles. Come in to sample to juices, find out more about the cleanse and learn just how delicious healthy can be!

Learn more about the Peoples Seasonal Cleanse designed by naturopathic doctor Julia Strickler, ND* at any of our four Austin locations or by visiting

Please consult an expert before beginning any new dietary protocol, especially if you experience any of the following: acute or chronic illness, extreme adrenal fatigue, history of an eating disorder, food allergies to the ingredients in the cleanse, and/or are on specific prescription medications. 


*Naturopathic doctors are not currently licensed in the state of Texas.