GemmotherapyGemmotherapy is the youngest botanical medicine from Europe, developed in the 1970s.  A medicine fully endorsed by the European Union, it is the first of its kind to have the ability to simultaneously clean and restore organ tissue. That’s important to note, because when you use Gemmotherapy extracts at home for acute care you are not only helping your current symptoms, you are strengthening the organs for the future.

Each Gemmotherapy extract is based on a single tree or shrub and addresses individual organ systems. New Gemmotherapy extracts are consistently being tested and developed, however there are about 60 established individual products which are in regular use and production. Gemmotherapy’s advantage over all classic herbal therapies is due to the inclusion of meristem tissue that lies within each bud or shoot that is macerated to form the extract. These meristem tissues contain tremendous regenerative capabilities, much like human stem cells, and have infinite and indefinite self-replicating properties.

As a Gemmotherapy practitioner I like to think I have a protocol for most every acute circumstance. If you need stitches or a bone set, you should go to a doctor. But if if you have an attack of seasonal allergies, a stomach bugheadachestaph infection or similar malady, Gemmotherapy provides the care you need and more.

Why more? While over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements for acute symptoms may offer symptomatic relief, they don’t even come close to what Gemmotherapy can provide the body during an acute episode that is not possible with any allopathic or other plant-based medicines at this time. Each Gemmotherapy extract provides organ-specific support, and it cleans and feeds that specific organ’s cells and tissues so, as mentioned earlier, you’re helping your body in the moment and strengthening it for the future. That is why it is important to continue the acute protocol until all symptoms are gone. In some cases it’s important to continue even longer to help with recuperation. Now that is just smart medicine—and its results are not currently possible with any allopathic or other plant-based medicines on the market.

So what does this look like in practice? Let’s take a case of an acute virus with vomiting as a symptom. To settle the digestive tract, the best Gemmotherapy extract would be Fig (Ficus Carica) because of its ability to normalize gastric secretions, heal mucous membranes, and calm spasmodic conditions. While normally Gemmotherapy extracts are diluted in a glass of water, this would not work with a vomiting child or adult, so I recommend 12 drops cut with a few drops of water every 15 minutes. In most cases the action is immediate and by the second dose the vomiting has subsided. Keeping up with the dosing of Fig every few hours will extend the benefit by utilizing the unique Gemmotherapeutic actions of cleaning and feeding the affected organ tissues—in this case the digestive tract.

Should a fever follow this episode, the extract to utilize would be Black Currant (Ribes Nigrum). As a powerful immune system stimulator, Black Currant’s effect on the adrenal glands along with its anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for supporting the body in a feverish state. While fever is part of the body’s natural healing process and should not be suppressed, the use of Black Currant can help maintain the fever in a safe range, reduce the aches and pains associated with fever and feed the adrenal glands, which produce the hormones vital to fighting infection.

In the case of an escalating fever, Black Currant should be dosed every 15 minutes (5 drops in 4 ounces of water for children under 2 years, 12 drops for those 2-8 years, and 25 drops for all others.) Once the fever has been reduced to 102 degrees, the dosing can be reduced to every 1-2 hours while awake until the fever has subsided.

If you are interested in more specific acute care protocols you’ll want to ask at your neighborhood Peoples Rx to have a look at the new full color graphic guide available. The guide offers specific protocols and dosing for 13 common different Gemmotherapy extracts, and is a helpful resource for streamlining your personal medicine cabinet.



Lauren Hubele is a practitioner of Gemmotherapy, creator of The Hubele Method, and a director on the Board of the National Center for Homeopathy.