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It takes a lot to hold the body together! The skeletal system is an intricate network of bones, cartilage, ligaments and joints. Its many functions include providing the framework that supports the body and enables skeletal muscle movement, protection of our internal organs and formation of blood cells. It also serves as a storage place for a variety of minerals and substances. Clearly, maintaining this system is vital for overall health and optimal functioning of the entire body. What can we do to support healthy bones and joints? Here are some top suggestions.

Stretch It Out
Staying physically active is essential to overall health, but depending on the type of activity it can be hard on our joints. Keep in mind stretching is also key in all aspects of keeping your muscles, bones and joints loose and relaxed. And that’s not just before and after strenuous exercise, either. Sitting in the same position for long hours will do your body no good. So do yourself a favor and stretch, even if it’s for five minutes in the morning and five minutes before bed.

Eat Right
There are foods that promote inflammation in the body, and then there are foods that supply nutrients that support your body’s management of inflammation. The trick is to avoid foods in that first category like highly-processed, chemically-laden, high-sugar foods. Those foods with a long list of ingredients on the label are best left on the grocery shelf. Instead, choose foods that are fresh, locally-grown and minimally-processed. Bear in mind, it doesn’t always have to be certified organic. Talk to your local farmers and ask if their processes are free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs and other undesired chemicals.

Get the Most from Your Food
Even the healthiest of foods can be problematic when not digested properly. And even the best digestive systems may fall short in our stressful environment. Did you know there is a direct connection between poor digestion and increased toxicity and inflammation? Improving digestion and the acquisition of nutrients can both help support the immune system and minimize toxicity. Supplemental digestive enzymes are a great way to give your body that added support to ensure delivery of nutrients in a healthy diet and minimize toxicity and inflammation.

Looking for suggestions? Talk to a wellness specialist at Peoples or request a consultation to help you find the best enzyme and probiotic supplement for your needs.

Nutritional Support
In an ideal world, eating a healthy, balanced diet and supporting more complete digestion will provide all the nutrition we need for general health and overall well-being. However, sometimes we find that eating right is simply not enough, especially when we are facing a chronic health challenge or are in need of healing and repair. Nutritional supplements are therefore a key option in our efforts to support a healthy body.

There are more ways than ever to support a healthy diet with dietary supplements from food sources. In particular, we have learned that eggshell membrane has been shown to provide specific nourishment for the joints and connective tissues. This food source of glucosamine, chondroitin, dermatan, keratan sulfate, hyaluronic acid and other naturally-occurring glycosaminoglycans and key bioactive proteins like collagen has been shown to support joint comfort and flexibility. The best source of nutrition is from whole foods and that is why the eggshell membrane is an excellent source of all these nutrients.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgIf you’re looking for a powerhouse enzyme to reduce inflammation and support overall joint health, consider Transformation Enzymes’ Joint Health available at all Peoples locations. Joint Health contains NEM® brand eggshell membrane, a protease enzyme blend for increased bio-availability and lipase to help break down and utilize the fats in the eggshell membrane for optimal tissue absorption.

To listen to Transformation Enzymes’ representative Dawn Aubrey, CCN, CLE, CNC discuss Joint Health on Peoples’ radio program, click here!