Echinacea / Echinacea spp.

Many of us have heard of Echinacea and know it as one of the most common, go-to herbs if feeling under the weather. Extensive research has shown its efficacy in helping the body’s innate defense mechanism by stimulating and raising immune function.

Its antifungal, antibacterial, and immune-modulating properties make it an effective remedy in fighting infections, especially when taken at the first sign of illness. One of Echinacea’s primary actions is cleaning the blood and lymphatic system, facilitating in the draining and clearing of toxins.

In European and Native American traditions, Echinacea is used to treat snake bites, and topically it is useful in speeding tissue repair and healing connective tissue. It’s definitely an herb you’ll always want to have on hand in your medicine cabinet, as it is a go-to remedy for typical skin problems like wounds, minor burns, and stings!

High quality extracts are key to getting the most out of your herbs. Peoples Rx has a variety of Echinacea extracts in capsule or tincture form, as well as in wellness formulas combined with other immune boosting herbs and vitamins. Stop by and chat with a wellness specialist for more information on Echinacea and its proper usage!

Laurène Elliott-Deyris is an Herbalist and Wellness Specialist at Peoples. She received her training at The Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in Austin and is furthering her clinical studies with the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine program out of North Carolina.


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