healgutYou may have heard that 70% of our immune system is found it the gut. So it stands to reason that gut health is at the root of many systemic disorders. In the modern world, where we eat processed foods, consume meat from factory farms and overuse antibiotics, we’re seeing a steady loss of biodiversity in our gut membrane bacterial ecosystem — and we’re paying a price with our health.

This loss of biodiversity has left our gut membrane walls vulnerable to toxins in our environment and in our food. What happens is that the tight junctions in the intestinal walls that normally serve to keep things out of the blood stream that don’t belong, start to loosen up, which can spell trouble with a capital T.

A substantial body of science now shows that the tight junction barrier can be degraded with exposure to gluten and glyphosate, the pervasive active ingredient in Monsanto’s Round-Up pesticide (1). Round-Up, you may know, is the most commonly used herbicide in the U.S. and is being discovered in our drinking water, urine and breast milk. There’s another interesting connection between glyphosate and gluten. Some research has suggested that glyphosate is the single most causal factor in today’s epidemic of gluten intolerance.” (2) The U.S. has yet to ban glyphosate, as other countries have done.

So what’s the good news?

We have been seeing great results with patients at our Peoples Wellness Center North who have tried a liquid supplement for gut health called RESTORE. This plant-derived mineral supplement can be used by any patient of any age who suffers from an inflammatory condition in the gastrointestinal tract. In my own practice, I’ve seen a more rapid improvement in gastrointestinal symptoms since adding Restore to patients’ gut-healing regimens. We’ve seen great results across a broad range of ages, as well as quick improvements even in some of our most sensitive patients.

How does it work?

RESTORE reduces sensitivity reactions to many of the inflammatory foods that we ingest by keeping those tight junctions in the gut and blood/brain barrier strong and creating a healthy firewall against toxins. It does so in part by rapidly increasing production of the enzymes that break down zonulin,.  a protein that regulates the permeability of tight junctions in the cell walls of the gut. You see, when zonulin is released, it triggers an inflammatory cascade that damages the the intestinal barrier and can lead to poor nutrient absorption as well as inflammatory damage in other tissues of the body. As you may have guessed, glyphosate is one of the strongest chemical triggers of zonulin production and gluten is one of the strongest natural triggers of zonulin production. By reducing the destructive effect in the intestine that happens when zonulin, gets produced and released,  the tight junctions between the microvilli can begin to heal, allowing gut membrane integrity and absorption to return to normal.

Restore also supplies specific trace minerals and amino acids necessary for the repair and healing of the intestinal barrier. The humic acid in Restore is one of the few compounds that has been shown in studies to reliably remove glyphosate from the body and lower the body’s glyphosate burden. In addition, Restore also improves the intestinal microenvironment, making it more hospitable to colonization with beneficial bacteria. This increases diversity in the microbiome of the gut, leading to improved digestion and more rapid healing.

Restore is sold at all Peoples Rx locations, where our knowledgeable wellness staff will be glad to assist you. Our integrative practitioners offer in-depth, paid consultations as well as free, pre-scheduled 15-minute consults should you want to explore if a holistic approach to your health makes sense for you.



With experience in personal and strength training at the collegiate level to add to his many credentials, Jim Meyer, PharmD, MS, CCN, has a functional approach to healthcare that emphasize integrating nutrition and alternative medicine with traditional medicine.



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