Natural_Health_International_Femmenessence_Macaharmony-As a mother, nutritionist and full-time manager of the wellness team at Peoples, I’ve learned first-hand how physical and emotional stressors can sometimes take a toll. Several months ago I found myself juggling the full-time job of wellness manager with taking care of my family and I was ignoring the messages my body was sending. During this time I suffered from fatigue, poor sleep, worsened PMS and brain fog. I didn’t realize what was happening because I was used to being “Supermom!” I was experiencing severe adrenal fatigue and hence began looking for natural remedies. I decided to try maca root, a strong adaptogenic herb found in the Peruvian Andes. If you are unfamiliar with adaptogens, they are herbs that help our bodies adapt to various physical and emotional stressors in order to create harmony and balance.

After doing some research, I decided to start taking Natural Health International’s (NHI) Femmenessence MacaHarmony. It was recently discovered that certain subspecies (or phenotypes) of maca exert a more profound effect on balancing hormones. These subspecies (phenotypes) each display different gender and age-related health benefits. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the active ingredient in MacaHarmony (Maca-Go®) had a statistically significant affect on hormones due its broad spectrum and higher levels of active constituents. I was intrigued to learn that these constituents work with our endocrine system to stimulate healthy FSH, estrogen, LH and progesterone production. After just one week of taking MacaHarmony, my energy levels improved greatly. After 2 months of taking one capsule twice a day, my cycles had normalized, PMS was no longer an issue and I was sleeping better. I could exercise again without feeling wiped out!

There is evidence to suggest that different subspecies of maca exert different effects in men vs. women as well as have different effects on people of different ages. Based on this evidence, NHI has created a line of products based on these different subspecies (phenotypes). They include MacaLife for perimenopausal women, MacaPause for women in menopause and MacaRevolution for men. You can find these extraordinary products at all Peoples locations.


by Jessica Wilhelm, BS, CN


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