During these trying times, we’ve found that one of the best ways to keep our spirits high (which helps keep our immunity up too!) is to keep recognizing and celebrating all the silver linings. So when we find ourselves starting down the path of lamenting for the days we had more genuine, face-to-face customer interactions and even more hugs, we shift our thoughts to the excellent service we’re still able to offer through our new curbside service and mail-out orders, and to how we can improve and offer even more for you every day. Here are some ways we’re keeping ourselves going, and we hope this helps to keep you going too!

Generosity Makes a Difference

You, dear customers have been brightening our world in many ways, which we are ever so grateful for. As if your friendly smiles and your patronage were not enough, we’ve had some customers donate face masks and Clorox wipes to help keep our employees safe, and some very loyal compounding customers at our North location even dropped by some Starbucks gift cards! We want you to know, these gestures mean a lot to us!

We’ve also had some awesome vendors step up and take care of us, too! Topi-Click fed our pharmacy staff lunch at all stores, and brands like CV Sciences, WAAYB, Gaia Herbs, Probulin, and Hemp Fusion have brought us samples to support our employees both physically and mentally right now, which we’re all so appreciative of!

Of course, it certainly didn’t hurt when Petals, Ink. delivered free flowers to our South store, just because. Thank you, Petals, Ink, for brightening our day! And when *2* new babies were just born into the Peoples family in the last month (welcome baby Daisy and baby Tristan!), you just can’t help but be joyful.

Giving is Receiving

What touches our hearts on a daily basis, is seeing our own Peoples people stepping up to take care of each other. Employees at all locations have been doing nice things for each other for no reason other than to show they care. We’ve had staff making face masks, bringing snacks, and even providing entire meals for each other. They’ve worked together to have store-wide meals to share too, and just check in on one another in general. It’s through acts like these, by taking the time to care for themselves and each other, that our staff is able to give their absolute best to our customers.

As a company, Peoples has proudly found ways to give back more as well. In recognizing that many local eateries are now struggling to keep their doors open, we’ve started providing weekly lunches for employees from nearby local restaurants. There’s been so much love pouring into our stores as a local brand, we want to spread the love around, from one local to another! We’re also thrilled that we’ve been able to secure the ingredients to compound our own hand sanitizer, which we will be donating to a couple of local fire stations.

New & Fun Ways to Spend Time

If you’ve got more time than usual and are looking for ways to spend it usefully, try out these ideas!

• Keep laughter in your life by discovering a new feel-good sitcom, checking out a new podcast, or watching John Krasinski’s Some Good News.

• Find a new way to exercise! Try out a Sweatfest dance party, get to know Austin native Yoga with Adriene, or support a local yoga studio who has moved to livestreaming classes like Black Swan, Practice Yoga, or Sukha Yoga. The YMCA, Todd Pilates, and Camp Gladiator are also offering workout-from-home options!

• Try out new recipes from The Good Food Fighter to get out of your normal kitchen routine.

• Send a note, call, or set up a Zoom chat to catch up with people who have touched your life but you haven’t been in touch with in a while.

• Start a gratitude journal! Take a few minutes each day to write down three quick things you’re thankful for to keep your focus on positivity.

• Learn a new crafty hobby while supporting a small local business!

• Quiet and calm the mind. Check out apps like Headspace, Calm, Insight Timer, or Simple Habit for mindfulness and guided meditation.

We may not know what tomorrow holds, but as long as we are able to safely stay open, we’ll be here providing the knowledge and care we love to give. Together we’ll all get through this, and we’ll be even better for it on the other side!
If you have comments and/or questions about this blog, email us at blog@peoplesrx.com.