zingiqolWe are excited to introduce a new product from Thorne Research called ZingiQOL. This product is an extract of ginger that is obtained using pressurized CO2 to separate the plant essence from the plant materials – a process called supercritical CO2 extraction. Using this method of extraction guarantees there is minimal damage from thermal degradation, thereby preserving the beneficial botanicals and assuring no chemical solvents are used on the plant material. This method provides great confidence in the purity, potency and stability of the product.

ZingiQOL has been formulated to promote a healthy response to nausea. We’re excited to recommend ZingiQOL for the mothers to-be out there who are dealing with stubborn and uncomfortable “morning sickness.” It’s great to have a tool that is safe and effective for pregnant women and that has been shown to work quickly and has no interactions. Plus the pearls are small and easy to swallow, which  is an important part of compliance. Other suggested uses for ZingiQOL are motion sickness, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, post-surgical nausea and vomiting, and gastro-protection. You know that Thorne Research is all about research and they certainly have the science to back this one up too.

Reading the studies on ginger being indicated for nausea reminded me of Kerry Bone, the founder of Medi-Herb, when he spoke about a 2013 study on ginger’s effect on plasma glucose levels, HbA1c, and insulin sensitivity in type-2 diabetic patients. The results were very promising. Blood levels of insulin, triglycerides, and LDL-cholesterol decreased significantly from baseline for the ginger group. Significant changes were not observed in the study’s placebo group. This is exciting stuff! It is encouraging to know that when recommending ZingiQOL for nausea we also might be affecting blood sugar markers in a beneficial way. Although there is a strong tradition for using ginger to treat various sorts of ailments, there aren’t yet sufficient studies to prove up efficacy. However, as we know from experience, when using nature as your healer, you often get much more than you bargain for.

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by Brady Allen, ACN. Brady is available for consultation at Peoples South.