Prescription Sublingual Semaglutide

Peoples Rx is excited to offer a new compounded sublingual formulation for Semaglutide! Semaglutide (and other GLP-1 medications like Ozempic and Wegovy) have taken the world by storm for several reasons, including treating Type 2 diabetes, solutions for more effective weight loss, and others as shown by a review of the literature available on the internet or at

We believe our sublingual form of Semaglutide is a welcome alternative to injectables. If you believe you would benefit from our compounded sublingual form of Semaglutide, ask your doctor about a compounded prescription or contact Peoples Rx Compounding Center by clicking the button below.

Discover the Benefits of Sublingual Semaglutide:

Compounded medications are not reviewed by the FDA for safety/efficacy. Therefore, we believe it is important to work with a compounding pharmacy like Peoples Rx that works with only quality ingredient suppliers and exceeds regulatory standards for your compounding needs.