PracaSil-30-4655-smal53AD8Reducing the size and color of scars is always a challenge. That’s why we are very excited to announce a new product available for our compounded medications called PracaSil™-Plus.  Formulated by PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America), it’s made with Pracaxi oil, which is derived from the seed of the pracaxi tree in the Amazon rainforest. Pracaxi oil has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

According to PCCA, PracaSil™-Plus “may be used after surgery or an injury, with the hope of reducing inflammation and the buildup of scar tissue. It also may be used on stretch marks, which can form with sudden weight gain or loss, when young people grow quickly during puberty, or with pregnancy. Drugs can be added to PracaSil™-Plus to help with different types of pain/injury caused by scar tissue that has formed over a period of time”. In a recent study, 74.3% of PracaSil™-Plus users showed improvement in scar pigment intensity and 100% of subject volunteers showed an improvement in scar texture and smoothness.

PracaSil™-Plus is a great, natural choice for all types of scars including old scars, acne scars and stretch marks. We are excited about the possibilities and are now using this as a base to compound many of our acne prescription products. For more information, speak to one of our Peoples pharmacists about how your doctor may prescribe this exciting new product for your individual needs!


by Barbara Campbell, RPh, CCN