With this summer’s record-breaking heatwave in Texas, I’ve never been more ready for fall. Even though it’s still hot outside, now is a great time to start preparing your immune system for the coming changes. Lending your body some basic support for liver and lungs with a few key homeopathic remedies can help your body stay healthy through the fall and winter.  

The suggestions below are not meant to replace advice from your doctor or medical professional, but to support your body’s healing abilities, shorten duration of illness, and strengthen the efforts of the immune system during any challenge. Listen to the wisdom of your body and always seek medical attention when needed.

Supporting Health for Adults & Children

According to Dr. Samual Hahnemann, MD, the father and founder of homeopathy, all dis-ease is the result of energetic imbalance. Many things can disrupt our internal balance, including lifestyle stresses, environmental factors, poor diet, and sudden change or emotional upset. Homeopathy is a simple way to support your body and keep your immune system strong. 

When it comes to homeopathy, the sooner symptoms are addressed with the proper remedy/(ies), the swifter and faster the healing. Homeopathic remedies provide energetic support and bolster the body’s innate healing capabilities. In fact, it’s possible to stop a cold or flu in its tracks before it fully manifests if you have what you need on hand.  

Another awesome thing about homeopathy: It’s safe and non-toxic for adults, children, infants, pregnant women, and even animals! Interestingly, because homeopathic remedies are measured and quantified by the frequency they provide to the body, a child’s dosage is the same as that of an adult. To illustrate, think of a radio station emitting a frequency: Once you dial into that particular station, you can’t get more or less of it. Ten pellets emit the same frequency as five! The important thing is knowing how many doses and how often to repeat them. In an acute situation, repeating doses dissolved in water every 5 minutes for 4-5 doses can be an amazing way to rapidly turn symptoms around.

With practice using homeopathy comes more skill and confidence. Throughout my practice, I’ve taught parents to care for themselves and their children, and I can testify, there’s nothing more exciting than feeling confident and empowered to help yourself and your family. In my last blog article, I explained the basics of homeopathy—what it is, how remedies are made, and how to dose remedies.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Having a simple plan to prepare your immune system is empowering and supports your body to handle health challenges with greater ease. Here are a few tips to consider as we transition into fall and winter. 

Take inventory of your basic lifestyle habits and choose an area to tweak or reset if needed. Ensuring you have a solid sleep routine, plenty of water throughout the day, a daily walk or other activity outdoors, and a relaxed and unrushed dinner routine can go a long way to strengthen the body overall. 

September is also a great time to gently cleanse the liver and lungs—the two organs our immune system relies on to keep us healthy. Seasonal cleansing bolsters the body’s detox pathways and strengthens immunity. Here’s a basic three-part strategy to support detoxification and strengthening of the liver and lung tissues.

  • Add a cup of herbal tea to your daily routine.
    Teas like Ginger, Peppermint and/or Green tea stimulate the detoxification and balance of the lungs and respiratory system.
  • Incorporate a basic daily breathing exercise.
    Set a timer each morning or evening for 3-5 minutes and follow this simple breathing technique to cleanse the lungs and calm the body-mind connection. As you breathe in, allow the lungs and belly to fill; as you exhale, relax, and focus on fully releasing all air from the lungs and belly. Breath in fully for a slow count to five; hold your breath for a count of five; and then release slowly and completely for a count of ten.
  • Take a homeopathic tissue salt “supplement.”
    Do this daily for two to three months to support cellular health and stimulate efficient cleansing. 

Homeopathic Tissue Salts

Tissue salts, also known as Cell Salts, are low potency homeopathic remedies made from the minerals of which our body’s organs and tissues are made. They’re often thought of as homeopathic supplements, and when used regularly they can strengthen and stimulate cleansing, healing, and rebuilding of organs and tissues. 

Since fall is a good time to give extra support to lungs and liver, I’ve chosen the cell salts below with an affinity to those organ systems. One strategy is to alternate between cell salts on a monthly basis to activate cellular cleansing; or if you prefer, to simply have them at the ready to use as needed. 

  • The Cell Salt Kali mur tones mucous membranes, especially the ear, nose, throat and lungs. It’s indicated for nasal and sinus congestion, eliminating fluid from the Eustachian tubes, and allergy symptoms

  • The Cell Salt Ferr phos is a great remedy to have on-hand to take at the first sign of respiratory symptoms to help clear the lungs and assist with drainage. It has biochemical anti-inflammatory effects and helps strengthen the immune system in the case of recurrent infections.

  • The Cell Salt Nat sulph is a liver tonic, conditioner, and toxin eliminator
  • Bioplasma is a Cell Salt remedy that combines all twelve tissue salts. Bioplasma helps with absorption and utilization of minerals and supports organs and cells throughout the body, including liver, lungs, skin, bones, sinus, and lymphatic tissues.

Dosage is 5 tablets 1-3 times daily under the tongue or dissolved in warm water to stimulate and support organ tuning and cleansing. 

Key Cold and Flu Remedies to Have on Hand 

Having a few homeopathic remedies on hand when needed allows for faster healing with or without additional supplements. Your body is designed to heal and rejuvenate, whether from an acute cold, a stomach bug, or even a more serious challenge. Homeopathy works to correct energetic imbalance and reestablish inner harmony—body, mind, and spirit. The energetic nature of homeopathy allows the body to heal more quickly and easily.

The body’s symptoms provide helpful information that lead to the correct, most helpful remedies. With homeopathy, we listen to and work with the body instead of suppressing its symptoms. It’s important to note that no two individuals are the same. For example, two individuals with sore throats or flu symptoms may require completely different remedies based on their inherent constitution, strengths, and weaknesses. 

There are many remedies used to provide immune support for cold and flu symptoms. Following are some of the most-used remedies to support healing during fall and winter.

  • Aconite – Aconite is excellent to have on hand since it is most helpful within the first 24-48 hours of an illness. Consider Aconite 200c when a cold, flu, or cough comes on suddenly, especially after shock, fright, or getting chilled. It’s very useful for children (or adults) who wake in the night with a high fever, fearful and restless. Take one dry dose and then add a few remedy pellets to a small bottle of water. Shake vigorously and take a small sip every 1-2 hours for the first 24 hours. This can help shorten the time for recovery and in many cases turn symptoms around before they have a chance to worsen.

  • Oscillococcinum – Oscillociccinum, a boxed flu remedy made by Boiron, is another excellent remedy to have in your medicine cabinet. It’s most helpful when used at the initial onset of cold and flu symptoms. If started several days after symptoms manifest, it won’t be nearly as helpful. This remedy can be used in conjunction with other indicated remedies and is helpful to boost the immune system when fighting the flu or similar conditions.

  • Belladonna – Belladonna is indicated for sudden, violent onset of symptoms. It’s well-known and very helpful for high fevers that manifest quickly as well as sore throats. Keynote symptoms of Belladonna include throbbing pain; hot, red skin; raw, sore throat with swollen glands and pain on swallowing. Symptoms tend to be worse on the right side of the body, worse when lying down and worse from light and noise.

  • Arsenicum – Arsenicum is an excellent cold and flu remedy. I think of this remedy especially when there is great fatigue; anxiety about being ill; burning pains; and chills. This remedy is best used in early stages of flu. The cough is tight-chested and croupy with burning in the pharynx. The patient feels better with warm drinks in small sips, a warm bath or shower, wrapped in a warm blanket, or sitting by the fire. Symptoms are worse at or around midnight and during damp or cold weather.

  • Bryonia Bryonia is indicated in cases with a slow onset of symptoms. Cold or flu symptoms often start in the nose and then move to the chest. The cough is dry, hard, spasmodic, and painful. A keynote of this remedy is the desire to be still and not move; movement makes things worse and is often intolerable. Bryonia is sometimes called the “angry bear” remedy—the patient is grumpy, irritable, and easily angered. The patient feels better with rest.

  • Gelsemium – Gelsemium is another “slow onset” remedy. Symptoms appear and worsen gradually. The patient feels a sense of heaviness and their eyes look dull and droopy. They often feel worse from talking about their symptoms. Throat pain tends to be left-sided and there is often a shooting pain into the ear upon swallowing. Symptoms improve with motion and open air (if not chilled). The individual prefers and feels better when alone.

  • Lachesis – Symptoms tend to be left-sided and worsen during sleep. A choking cough can start as soon as the patient falls into a deep sleep. The cough is dry, hacking, and violent. The patient may feel that a crumb is lodged in the larynx. The throat and mouth are dry, but interestingly, the patient has little or no thirst. The throat may have a purplish, bluish cast and the glands will be swollen. Swallowing may bring on a feeling of choking, however, it’s easier to swallow solids than liquids.

  • Phosphorus – Colds begin in the chest and then move up to the nose. The patient needing Phosphorus craves ice-cold drinks and typically desires cold food. The voice sounds husky. The cough is dry, tickling, and worse lying down. This is a classic remedy for laryngitis and hoarseness that worsens with talking, eating, or laughing. The patient feels better in a dark room, lying on the left side and from sleep. This remedy can be a big help as well, for dogs who are scared by thunderstorms.

Other Great Immune Support Ideas

Sequential Homeopathy and cellular cleansing is the systematic method of healing created in the 1970s by Swiss physician, Jean Elmiger. Over the years, the therapy has expanded and changed to support healing of chronic illness and challenges we see today. I use this method in my homeopathic practice to help clients with acute and chronic conditions including allergies, chronic infections, and many chronic childhood conditions including autism spectrum disorders. This method revitalizes an immune system that’s been weakened by stress and trauma, environmental toxins, and multiple illnesses or injuries. It can also be used to support healthy individuals who want to keep their organs and immunity tuned, strong, and vibrant. It’s typical for most of the adults and children I work with to stay well even when the usual colds and flu are going around.

For clients as well as for Peoples customers who are looking for extra immune support, I also regularly recommend the following great options:  

  1. Influenzinum – A new version of the remedy Influenzinum is created each year by homeopathic pharmacies. Taking 2 pellets of Influenzinum 30c every 1-3 weeks, or 2 pellets of Influenzinum 200c each month, can help the immune system resist the flu or mount a more robust response when challenged. Having this remedy on board for immune support can shorten the duration of symptoms or, in many cases, avert them altogether. I’ve used this remedy in my practice for years.

  2. Integrative Therapeutics V-Clear Drops and Cough Syrup supports respiratory system drainage, reduces cough and cold symptoms, and shortens the duration of cold, flu and cough symptoms.

  3. Umcka Cough and Cold Care tablets are also quite effective. I’ve recommended them to clients for over 15 years. They are similar to Integrative Therapeutics V-Clear products, but include a host of other symptom-supportive homeopathic remedies. I find the tablets are very easy to travel with and like to take them when I travel to have something right away if I feel a cold, allergy or cough coming on. They will bolster the immune system’s resistance and also can shorten the duration of an illness.

  4. Hyland’s Children’s Homeopathic Products: Check out Peoples’ variety of cough and cold combination remedies by Hyland’s. Although made for children, they are suitable and supportive for adults also.

Although there are thousands of homeopathic remedies, knowing well the most used remedies—often referred to as polycrest remedies—is all you need to support yourself well through acute health challenges. If you’re inspired to learn more, check out Colin Griffith’s book, The Practical Handbook of Homeopathy

Jenna Blaze, DIHom, DSHP is a professional homeopath with 17 years of experience. She holds a diploma in homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy, and an advanced degree in Sequential Homeopathy, a specialized style of homeopathy that supports detoxification and the healing of chronic health conditions. Jenna is also a certified Shamanic practitioner through Ancient Ways Shamanic Training and Healing. After her own drug-free recovery from Lyme disease, Jenna created Deep Healing Homeopathy, her unique style of homeopathy and healing to support healing of physical and emotional trauma. She specializes in pediatrics, Autism Spectrum (ASD), women’s health, immune system rebuilding, and healing of trauma-induced physical illness. She is passionate about empowering others to take charge of their health and achieve optimal wellness. To learn more about her practice, see her websites: www.jennablaze.com and www.livingspiritwisdom.com.

If you have comments and/or questions about this blog, email us at blog@peoplesrx.com.