A favorite antioxidant powerhouse is Premier Research Labs Green Tea ND which contains the polyphenols of 20 cups of regular green tea in just ½ teaspoon! These polyphenols quench free radicals very efficiently and protect the DNA from both chemical insult and harmful radiation. A one-way plane trip from New York to Los Angeles fills the body with the same amount of radiation you’d get on the ground in a whole year! Green Tea ND helps the body clear radiation which supports proper thyroid function. Frequent flyers benefit greatly from this product.


Green Tea ND provides great support for the cardiovascular system and helps control blood sugar by inhibiting the alpha amylase enzyme from converting carbohydrates into glucose. It also helps support weight loss by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for fat breakdown in the digestive system. This allows fat to pass right through the system without being absorbed.

Finally, Green Tea ND promotes calmness of mind, supports recovery from depression and mental fatigue, and supports mental function and alertness without that jittery feeling. It’s an overall great addition to your daily nutrition. Another feature of this superior product is that it is fully bioavailable as soon as you begin sipping it. Even those with digestive issues will get the full benefits of the product because it is a probiotic generated version of green tea. It is preserved in a 20th of an ounce of organic alcohol.

For proper use of Green Tea ND, just add ½ teaspoon to 12 ounces of distilled or spring water and sip it. By sipping it slowly throughout the day, the blood levels of the nutrients remain constant and have more time to work their magic. You don’t have refrigerate the product after opening. Just keep it in a cool place.

by Ken Morgan