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During the holidays, the mind is saturated with to-do’s and it can be tough to keep track of everything. Did the kids eat too much Halloween candy? Where did that decorative leaf for the Thanksgiving table get stored? Did we have too much turkey? What kind of holiday celebration are we planning? Who should we invite? When are we going to be able to make it all happen?

‘Tis the season for Nux Vomica – the homeopathic remedy for “too much”. Whether you are working too hard or playing too hard, Nux Vomica may have a place in your medicine cabinet. It is one of homeopathy’s best remedies for indigestion, hangover, headache, insomnia, irritability, workaholism and over-doing in general.

Homeopathy generally works best when the main themes of the remedy correspond to main themes or aspects of the individual who will use the remedy.  In general, people who need Nux Vomica are oversensitive and overstimulated, chilly and worse for exposure to cold. They are also hard-working, focused, competitive, and over-achieving. Morning is often their worst time of day and they crave spicy food. This being said, Nux Vomica does have a broad ability to help many different types of people with various clinical complaints such as indigestion and migraine.

When things go wrong for over-doers, or when it looks like they might not achieve their very high goals, they typically dig in and work harder, then even harder, and then harder still. Eventually all that piling on of hard work and overextending will become too much even for the Nux type and he or she will collapse. Physically, the collapse is most likely to include digestive upset of the gastrointestinal tract; but the nervous system is another possibility. Nausea, vomiting and cramping are common symptoms, as is insomnia due to thoughts of work or accomplishing daily tasks.

Many of us have a special love for the coming season, jam-packed with activities and gatherings, tasty treats and liberal libations. But it is also a time when excess trumps moderation, making it Nux Vomica’s time to shine. If you need some Nux Vomica, please feel comfortable using it for complaints appropriate to home care. Homeopathy has earned its reputation for safety and effectiveness through a 200-year track record. And as always, the professionals at Peoples are happy to help you find an individualized choice.


by Lorri Anderson, CCH. Lorri is available for consultations at Peoples on South Lamar.