Bugspray copyYou asked and we listened! Our staff worked diligently, researching to bring you products that work, for keeping mosquitoes at bay. Here’s what we found:

Citronella essential oil
Citronella, a common ingredient found in mosquito repelling products, protects for about two hours. You can prolong citronella’s bug-fighting power by mixing it with geranium or vanillin. Our most popular bug sprays containing citronella (along with other essential oils) are Buzz Away by Quantum Health, Anti-Bug Shake & Spray by Badger and Herbal Armor by All Terrainwhich was awarded “Best Gear” by National Geographic Adventure. We consistently hear great feedback from customers on these!

Clove essential oil
A comparative study of 38 essential oils found citronella, patchouli, and clove to be the most effective against mosquito bites, with clove providing the longest duration of protection against three species of mosquitoes.​

Lavender essential oil
If the smell of citronella, a common ingredient found in natural bug repellent, isn’t your thing, try a few drops of lavender oil (DoTerra, Young Living) diluted with distilled water. Our customers rave about lavender for prevention (up to four hours) and it serves as a great itch soother after a bite.

Scentless patches & tags
If scents in general are a turn-off, we’ve got scentless repellent patches and tags for the whole family – including cats and dogs. Some of our top sellers include Don’t Bite Me! patches containing vitamin B1 that, when metabolized by the body, reduces odors that attracts insects (one patch lasts up to 36 hours), and Shoo!Tags, which enhance a human’s or animal’s bio-energetic field with frequencies that insects are repelled by.

by Beth Brozowsky, Wellness Specialist