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We all know that the dogs, cats and other furry family members are just that: family. We want to keep them happy and healthy naturally, just like the rest of the family. Here are some natural ideas for common issues that you can use to make sure your fur babies are feeling their absolute best!

Fear during Thunderstorms: This is a common one for dogs, cats and even horses. Thunder can be scary and turn your pet into a quivering, sad, quaking mess. Homeopathic Phosphorus 30C can save the day. Just 3 pellets in their water bowl or tucked inside their cheek will help them settle down and take a nap. Re-dose their water any time they start to panic in a storm. Often they’ll only ever need one dose or one dose a year. This can also be helpful for pets who panic when their owner leaves the house.

Dull, Drab Looking Coat: If your pet’s diet isn’t providing as much fat as they may need then their coats can start to look lackluster. Adding some cod liver oil for pets to their bowl every day can make a huge difference and will also help their overall health and wellbeing. Just like people, pets need healthy omega-3 fatty acids in their diet and some pet foods just don’t provide enough. Also adding Healthforce Nutritional’s Green Mush to their food can boost their overall nutrition and that will show in their coat.

Hot Spots: This can be an allergy-related problem or an anxiety-related problem.  Step 1 is to get an all natural pet food that is grain and corn free as well as artificial preservative and color-free.  If that isn’t fixing the problem then try homeopathic Calcarea Carbonica 30C.  Three pellets in their water dish or tucked inside their cheek any time the behavior starts to get bad.  Typically the first dose will cause some major sleepiness or an abnormal nap in the middle of the day, but that is just their body’s way of starting to work on the problem.

Joint Pain: Pets get arthritis just like us people do, so if you notice your pet getting a little creaky then you can add in FlexPet – it’s the Flexcin for humans made into chewable pet treats. Also adding some anti-inflammatory cod liver oil to their food can help to loosen up those joints and protect their health at the same time.

Repeat Urinary Tract Infections: Cats are prone to getting crystals in their urine if their diet is too low in fats. Adding cod liver oil or other fish oils to their food and increasing the proportion of wet food you feed can help. Also giving Feline Renal Support from Standard Process can be a great help.

Peeing with Excitement: Some dogs never outgrow the puppy tendency to pee when they’re overexcited (which might be every time you walk through the door). While it’s cute in an I’m-really-this-excited-to-see-you way, it’s also incredibly inconvenient and annoying.  Homeopathic Causticum 30C can be a great starting place for this issue – just three pellets in their water or tucked inside their cheeks once and then again any time the behavior re-starts.  Just be warned that the first dose may make the problem worse for a day while their body tries to process the issue.

Ringworm: We do live in Texas, so we get Texas-sized, Texas-strength ringworm and so do our pets. Homeopathic Tellurium Metalicum 30C will help to resolve the spots and the itching that goes with them.  This is a great one for dogs, cats, horses and even people. When you start to see the tell-tale itchy red ring forming then start with 3 pellets in their water bowl, tucked inside their cheek or under their tongue if you’re dosing a human. Continue every day until the symptoms are totally resolved.

Eye Infection and Irritation: The best treatment for gunky, infected or irritated eyes in dogs (or cats or livestock animals) is a simple one. One drop of castor oil daily for smaller animals or two drops for larger animals like horses and cattle. If it’s a serious infection or the animal is outside in dust and wind then treating twice a day will speed up improvement. Make sure you’re using a clean, organic castor oil so that there are no chemical impurities that may irritate the sensitive eye tissue. This will have those eyes cleared up in no time – you’ll see improvement the first day.

We keep a nice little medicine cabinet for the rest of the family; it’s time to have one for the furry family too.

by Amy Neuzil, ND*



*Naturopathic doctors are not currently licensed by the state of Texas.