Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.45.30 PMAs a single parent raising a chemically sensitive child, I’ve had to find any life hack I can to keep both myself and my son healthy. Seven years ago I decided to take that mentality to a higher level and help educate people on diet modification and stress management for health concerns.

Trying to get people to start the day with healthy options was probably one of my biggest struggles. I learned a lot by working with the public, but the most important thing was that the easier it was for people to have a healthy diet, the more likely they were to do it.  

About 3 years ago I discovered butter coffees. The medium chain triglycerides found in grass-fed butter and coconut oil is helps jumpstart the metabolism, increase cognitive function and support the immune system while also helping control sugar cravings. The coconut oil and collagen add a richness that I had found was often lacking. The idea is genius, but given the amount of ingredients involved, butter coffee is not always the easiest to make.

Over the course of two years, I created different butter coffee recipes tailored to the needs of my unique clients to help them  to support their systems. I added collagen based protein and different spices to help to support differing health needs. I made a vegan variety for my son’s chiropractor who actually staSarahRrted crying the first time I made some for her because she had missed lattes and mochas so much.

Finally I met Sarah Rioux (pictured right), who saw what I was doing and wanted to team up to make these options available to the public. With Sarah’s background in nutrition and business we have been able to finally see our dream manifest with the launch of our first product:

Ladybird Provisions Coffee Bombs

We currently have 5 coffee bomb flavors  to help support whole body and mind health:

  • Focus (Plain): A combination of organic coconut oil, grass fed butter, and highly absorbable protein from collagen, this Bomb sets up your system for optimal cognitive function while stimulating your metabolism.
  • Happy Cacao (Our version of a Mocha): Focus + cinnamon for blood sugar stabilization, maple sugar for minerals (and a hint of sweet) and organic raw cacao to help stimulate endorphins and allow you to start your day with your best smile.
  • Holy Cacao (Happy Cacao with a Kick): This one has all the benefits of the Happy Cacao plus a little kick with a pinch of cayenne to really get the blood moving.
  • Vanilla Thunder (Elevated Vanilla): Is a more balancing blend with all the benefits of Focus + maple sugar, and organic vanilla for relaxation.
  • Peace, Love & “Hemp”iness (Vegan): For the vegan friendly person who misses the richness of dairy, there is Peace Love & “Hempi”ness. This formulation keeps the organic coconut oil for the beneficial fats, but then adds organic hemp protein, cinnamon, maple sugar, and a touch of cayenne.  So everyone wins.

coffeebombsmallThey may be called “coffee” bombs, but they are great for anyone of any age when dropped in tea or milk! I even add one to my son’s smoothie every morning to help increase his beneficial fats and protein content.

You can currently find our coffee bombs served at Kickbutt Coffee, Bennu, and Castle Hill, and you can purchase them at three of Peoples Rx’s locations: South Lamar, North Lamar and Westlake.

Bombs away!



Nicole Pinedo is a certified drugless practitioner, health coach, herbalist and yoga instructor. Her journey to a healthier lifestyle began in 2006 when her son started showing signs of chronic illness. She has attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, taken courses at Harvard, Berkeley and Arizona State on nutrition, diet modification, The Human Path for Herbology, and The Science of Happiness (yes that’s a real thing). She is a Wellness Specialist at Peoples Rx and is now the co-founder of Ladybird Provisions.